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Mortgage Doctor

Mortgage Doctor is an independent provider, we have been able to recommend the best loans to each of our valued customers without bias. With almost $400 million loans disbursed, we pride ourselves on being one of the fastest growing home loan providers in Singapore.

Our Founders

Dr. Chow U-Jin
The Doctor Banker

Mortgage Doctor was co-founded by Dr. Chow U-Jin, who combines his unique experience as a doctor, entrepreneur and banker over the last 20 years to help over 500 customers with their mortgages.

Joshua TK Lee ChFC, ASEP
The Risk Specialist

Joshua is a Certified Financial Consultant (ChFC) with over 15 years of Financial Services experience. He is also Associate Estate Practitioner (ASEP) to provide advisory for his clients in Estate Planning and the use of trusts by offering a professional step-by-step guide to meet their goals, and to fulfil the needs of their loved ones.

Matthew Tan CFA, AEPP
The Investment Guru

Matthew who is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) has represented top tier international private banks, serving ultra-high net worth clients across Asia. The same principles of trust and excellent service applies to any industry that deals with clients, their money and their lives. And with his 25 years of market experience, he can provide that extra bit of input to each client's solution that helps them achieve their financial goals.